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Revstyle wheels is the premier lightweight aftermarket alloy wheel company for drivers who love their vehicles. This is because no detail is overlooked. Custom CNC machined specs like offset, bolt pattern and centerbore make Revstyle wheels dedicated to your specific needs.  The centercaps, the exotic finishes, & the in-house designs also define our enthusiast driven company philosophy.  We are dedicated to our products so you can drive with pride and confidence.  Please explore our site to see your vehicle's visual potential fulfilled!


Personal Service


Everything that makes up a Revstyle wheel radiates quality and attention to detail.  The finishes are exotic, the structure is robust, the designs are forms of modern art.  Our engineers handled the structural integrity to guarantee strength and durability.  Even the centercap has a sophisticated look worthy of appreciation.  Every aspect down to the packaging was meticulously conceived and adjusted until the perfect desired results were achieved.


Click the photo to the left to see an extreme detail of the fit and finish.

We are concerned with being fair and offering the BEST personal service possible.  We stand behind our products since they are what represents us more than any advertising campaign or logo.  Your car is the canvas, and we want to provide the highest quality products for you to express yourself with.  Give us a call and put us to the test, I'm sure the results will have you driving by big glass windows just to get a glimpse of your ride.


Call 1-888-876-6566 or email us @ info@revstylewheels.com to put us to the test.

Not everybody has the same needs, so you deserve to fine tune your wheel specs. If you want to make your rear offset stance wider than the front, we can do that. 10% of our inventory is blank spec and ready for your desired specs. You just have to tell us your needs and we'll take care of the rest.  Finishes can also be customized.  Everything from powder coat to liquid paint can be applied by our professional artisans.  All our finishes are guaranteed with the same warranty as our factory finishes.


Click HERE to view some of our custom finished orders.

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