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We strive to make your wheel purchasing experience a positive one.  We have the PRP (Photo Refund Program) in effect for those who want to take advantage of our need of photos of customer's vehicles.


We offer up to 35% refunds to anybody who would like their car to be a part of the growth of our company.  So if you install a set of RevStyle Wheels and send us photos of your vehicle, you can earn back a large amount of your payment.  Refunds vary in amount depending on a combination of requirements.  Wheel style, diameter and finish will have an affect on the refund amount.  Photography skill and camera quality will also have an effect on the refund amount.  Most importantly, overall vehicle appearance will have an effect on the level of refund you will receive.  This and more can be discussed prior to purchasing.  This is not a mail-in rebate, this is an instant refund which is completed within 24 hours of receiving the photos.


The PRP (Photo Refund Program) will not be around for long, so take advantage while it lasts!



Be a part of the RevStyle Wheels movement.

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